Creativespace revolutionizes the way of hanging wallpaper!

The installation work will become child's play and the final result will be unique. Our supports have a material component that will highlight the visual and tactile aspect, making the images increasingly realistic. Creativespace will offer you the best solution for your spaces highlighting the optical illusion and quality.

Our Materials

We scrupulously choose the materials to use for our products, to offer an optimal experience for every type of application

“We create products that make people happy”

Materials for Fiberglass

Wallpaper's Canvas effect with TNT support and vinyl surface

Wallpaper's Fabric effect with vinyl surface and non-woven backing

TNT Wallpaper

Carta da parati effetto tessuto dorato, superficie in vinilico, retro in TNT

Supporti per Cover

Supporto adesivo 100% poliestere, effetto tessuto, bubble free

Materials for Fiberglass

Fiberglass with velvet effect

Materials for Decor

100% Woven Polyester

100% Velvety Polyester

100% Smooth Polyester

100% PVC, thickness 2mm

100% Strengthened PVC, thickness 2mm


CORNER SHOP is an exhibitor dedicated to the CREATIVESPACE universe.

We put at your disposal all samples of:
– Canvas HD
– Plus
– Golden Age
– Entry
– Fiberglass
– Cover

And the special support DECOR:
– Trama
– Velvet
– Smooth
– Flex
– Flex Plus

CORNER SHOP offers you the great advantage of showing all the materials in a practical, effective and fast way, giving a touch of originality to your exhibition space.

Guarda questo video per assemblare al meglio il tuo CORNER SHOP!

SINCE 2012

We carefully choose the materials for our supports, in order to offer a quality product from both a visual and structural point of view.